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Give Lawdex a call if you need to spread your message quickly and successfully! We sell the most premium whiteboards, and notice panel, the scales and point-of-purchase showcases in the Central Coast and Newcastle. If you intend to establish a reputation for yourself, you would require our group.

We only use the best materials to construct our large cork notice board, whiteboards, and communication boards, which can be used for both personal and professional note-taking. The smallest home office in Newcastle, the biggest board meeting in Sydney, or a shared office space just on Central Coast can all use them. To ensure that our products can accommodate any decor or objective, we provide the broadest range of styles and colours possible.

For educational facilities like schools, such as whiteboards and pinnable notice boards, Lawdex is aware of how crucial it is to have reliable, durable, and reasonably priced whiteboards and pin boards. We offer high-quality items to ensure that students receive the superior education people are entitled to.

In order to fulfil our sustainability commitments, we also set a goal to recycle as much as we can, use as little energy as we can, and certify our products. Because of this, businesses are aware of how our production services help achieve the larger goal of environmental stewardship whereby each company ought to aim for.

How can whiteboards and pin boards be introduced into a classroom, office, or home?

Interactive Education: Utilizing whiteboards as well as large cork notice board can significantly increase student engagement in lessons. Besides writing as well as drawing upon that board, students and teachers can interact more hands-only with the stuff.

Brainstorming: Need to consider specific ideas? A chalk or authorized access is a great tool for coming up with ideas. As they occur, write down every idea so you can sort one another out afterward.

Visual Support: Sometimes, the picture speaks a hundred times. If you’re having difficulty articulating something orally or in writing, try sketching it out on the chalk board.

Monitoring Changes: Use a chalk board and perhaps the pinnable notice boards to keep track of your team’s progress on a project. This will allow all to see your progress and the work that must be completed.

Task Lists: You can organise your things effectively by keeping to either list on ones whiteboards as well as pin boards. The remainder of your timetable will be simple for you to handle, and you’ll be able to fit in everything that is significant to you while also making sure that you don’t forget everything.

Presentations: Since they are easy to operate and provide a large number of concept options, pin boards as well as whiteboards are excellent for meetings. Additionally, on its off opportunity that every detail is recorded in writing, your group will be able to follow along even more successfully.

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