Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Pallets

When you plan to build a warehouse first thing that will come to your mind is racking and then the second thing will be pallets.  Traditionally wooden pallets are in common use and people prefer wooden pallets because they are cheaper in comparison to other materials.  But now people have a different approach towards pallets because we’re in pallets are not durable and can easily be damaged during operations.  This is the reason that now plastic pallets are preferred over wooden pallets.  Every large-scale company prefer to buy pallets in Melbourne as they are durable and can be reused for many years.  Plastic pallets have become a necessity for every warehouse and in absence of pallets, it will be not possible to run the warehouse efficiently. Plastic pallets have more advantages compared to wooden pallets but they also have some disadvantages. Here we’ll be listing down the advantages and disadvantages of plastic pallets. 


Durable: Undoubtedly as compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets are more durable. This means once you have bought these plastic pallets, they can last four a dictate even when they are properly handled.  Buying plastic pallets will save your capital investment every year that you will be investing in case of replacing the damaged wooden pallets.

Less repair: Whenever you’re deciding on buying pallets, you have to consider the cost that will be incurred for repairing these pallets during their usage. In a city like Melbourne, the repair cost of the pallets will be higher.  But buying plastic pallets will reduce this cost near to zero as due to the durable material they don’t get deformed or damaged easily.

Easy availability: Comparing to wooden pallets, usually people decide on buying pallets in plastic because they are easily available due to their fast-manufacturing process.  Once you have decided on the size and the shape of the pallet, a single mould will be used so on automated machines that help to make a higher number of pallets in lesser time.  This is also the reason that now people prefer last week’s ballot as compared to other types of material because it is more environmentally friendly when recyclable plastics are used in them.


Capital investment:  Think of setting up a warehouse in Melbourne, this means you have already invested a good amount of money in getting the please and setting up the racking.  Plastic pallets are more expensive than wooden pallets, sometime when people are short of the budget, they prefer to get a wooden pallet because it comes at 1/3 of the cost of a plastic pallet.  The higher investment cost is the one reason why people do not prefer to buy a plastic pallet at first. 

No repair:  This doesn’t mean that the plastic pallets cannot be repaired but the repairing process is long and expensive.  Even halting the damaged pallets and transferring them into your new palette is cheaper than repairing them. Please visit for more information.