The Beauty Enhancers

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Looking and feeling beautiful and attractive is something that not only women but, men also desire. The beauty industry since its early days has produced a sea of vast verities of makeup and beauty enhancer products. Each of these products is produced to give the desired looks. The later editions and better versions were produced to give a safer and more sensitive process to save the skin from possible damage and give everlasting results.


  Out of numerous types of products and processes being used today to enhance the facial features of both women and men is best microblading in Melbourne. It is the process that is used to give the eyebrows a proper shape and definition with the appearance of a thicker eyebrow. This process if people are worried about their skin under the eyebrow being coloured then they can stop their thoughts right there. This process darkens the natural eyebrow hairs and hence, makes the shape defined and visible after the removal of the extra hair through, waxing, threading or shaving. This process consists of 2 layers of dye. The first layer would be in the direction of the hair growth and the second layer would be applied in the opposite direction of the hairs and this way it will thoroughly coat eyebrow hairs making them evenly coloured.  

Tinting and micro-blading:

Tinting and micro-blading are two different processes but, both are for enhancing the look of eyebrows. Tinting is done on the skin, while micro-blading is done on the skin. Tinting is a semi-permanent treatment. It is done on the hairs and not on the skin. A dye is used in the process and is entirely painless. On the other hand, micro-blading is the process that is done on the skin with the help of a blade and it gives the eyes brows its definition by creating a tiny eyebrow hair sized tattoo stroke. Its ink resides under the first layer of the skin. Micro-blading is permanent and once it is done it remains there from around 6 months to up to 2 years. Visit for further information regarding oxygen facial in Albert Park.


 The time between the two processes is different and a big one. Tinting normally takes around 5 to 15 minutes in a single session while micro-blading takes around 2 hours, especially on the very first session. So, tinting is a process that can be done in a very short period if there is an emergency and it will give a natural look as well.

So, both of these are beauty enhancers and it depends on the person and his eyebrow nature that what process would be better for him. On the whole, if you feel sacred of the blade being used on your eyebrow area then tinting is the process for you.